Blue Sea m LVD 12v Low Voltage Disconnect


Don’t get stranded with a dead battery.


Blue Sea m LVD 12v Low Voltage Disconnect

Blue Sea Systems M-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects devise to save power for starting or to preserve battery life. Switch provides visual warning and allows control of disconnect voltage, delay the disconnect of circuits, disconnect circuits and override alarms.


  • Status light in both M-LVD and Remote Control Switch provides visual warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect;
  • Alarm output for audible warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect (optional alarm required);
  • Remote Control Switch Functions –
    • Sets desired disconnect voltage;
    • Temporarily delays circuit disconnect for 10 minutes;
    • Temporarily disconnects circuits until voltage rises;
    • Silences alarm (optional alarm required.
  • Includes Remote Control Switch.


  • Intermittent Rating: 5 mins – 115A;
  • Continuous Rating – 65A;
  • Terminal Size – M6;
  • Disconnect Voltage – 11.3-12.1V Adjustable;
  • Delay to Alarm – 5mins;
  • Delay to Disconnect – 10mins;
  • Reconnect Voltage – 13V.

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Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 cm