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The Optimus 360 builds on the Optimus EPS and EST systems to offer a revolutionary command structure engineered for powerboats with mechanically controlled twin outboards to provide complete harmonised control of steering, shift and throttle via an intuitive electronic joystick. As the name suggests, Optimus 360 utilises state of the art electronics to provide 360 degree manoeuvring capabilities which greatly assist in docking, negotiating tight areas such as marinas and for launching and retrieving.

The intuitive hand controlled joystick electronically commands the smart cylinders, actuators, gear shifts and throttles to independently control each engine to send the boat forward, backwards, diagonally, rotate on its own axis or to move sideways. By combining all of these forces independently or in unison the boat is moved in any desired direction to exactly where the operator wants to go.

The Optimus 360 utilises the advanced Optimus Electronic Power Steering system (EPS) which connects via a fault tolerant CANbus to a Pump Control Module (PCM). The PCM operates individual hydraulic pumps that control the electro hydraulic smart cylinders to provide independent movement of each outboard engine. Optimus 360, for twin, triple and quad engine applications Optimus 360 gives your boat a whole new dimension of control. By developing the joystick function to be intuitive, Optimus 360 allows you to move your boat not only forward and back, but also sideways, by pushing the joystick to the left, or to the right, and even, rotate on a dime, all with a simple twist of the joystick.

Optimus 360 is designed for low speed maneuvering, and really excels in the marina, when pulling in and out of your slip, or docking. Optimus 360 uses intelligent programming to minimise the amount of shifting required to complete a manoeuvre.

With progressive throttling, the joystick becomes a natural extension of your hand. A light push on the joystick provides minimal thrust while more thrust can be applied by pushing harder on the joystick. The boost mode increases the RPM to give you more thrust when needed.

Each component has been designed to complement the other, resulting in a seamless experience of steering control in virtually every situation on the water. The high level of engineering also extends to the reliability of the system, with quality materials, careful manufacturing and redundant systems, all to stand up to the rigors of life on the water.


Three axis joystick with guided feel and boost mode
• Unique joystick design with a focus on user ergonomics and harsh marine environments
• User adjustable speed sensitive helm turns, wheel effort and steering response
• Fault tolerant CAN Bus network
• Sealed, locking cable connections
• On demand hydraulic steering pumps
• Adjustable stainless steel ORB fittings on the SmartCylinder
• Compatible with 3rd party autopilot systems
• Dual redundancy components
• Optional multi-joystick capability

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  • Great service, great knowledge, great bloke. Richard knows the product he is selling and can make recommendations for all types of fishing.

    Steve Antos Avatar
    Steve Antos
  • Took my 4yo trailer boat to the boys at QME for a check over before a long trip away. Some big safety issues were picked up and upgrades done where needed. Quality of advice and workmanship is first class and... read more

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    Dean Sullivan
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    Australianculturefirst ACF Avatar
    Australianculturefirst ACF
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    Brian Gooch Avatar
    Brian Gooch
  • I would like to say thank you to the team for great service. Even when things don't go to plan they make it happen. I will be a return customer when I next need electronics for my boat.

    Robert Allan Avatar
    Robert Allan
  • I had QME install a furuno tz2 12 inch, dff3d and tm260 in my Quintrex & I can not recommend him highly enough. If you want the best equipment and service this is the place for you.

    Petes Pest Control Toowoomba Avatar
    Petes Pest Control Toowoomba
  • Great knowledge and great quality install.

    Callum Sprott Avatar
    Callum Sprott
  • Cheers

    matthew jocelyn Avatar
    matthew jocelyn
  • Richard listened to all my needs and did a very professional install on all my Furuno products. Having a sounder/transducer set up that reads at speed is the most important part of offshore fishing and this was well and truly achieved.

    Greg Lamprecht Avatar
    Greg Lamprecht
  • I have recommended a few people to Dick and would have no hesitation doing it again. He is not too big that he only wants to deal with trawlers and longliners and other commerical boats and not too small... read more

    Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith
  • Richard is an awesome bloke to deal with

    anthony ruthenberg Avatar
    anthony ruthenberg
  • QME saved me hours of ringing around to find the impossible transducer fluid. Honest down to earth manner and professional advice got us sorted to chase the fish again! I would highly recommend QME.

    stef suther Avatar
    stef suther
  • Richard certainly challenges the norm and thinks outside of the box to deliver his clients with results. His innovation and willingness to push boundaries within the industry certainly sets him apart from the rest. 👌🏻

    lockym85 Avatar
  • Richard gives no nonsense advice based on your needs and budget. Experience with the products they sell and excellent sales support shows a desire to look after their customers. I would recommend Richard and QME.

    ian harris Avatar
    ian harris
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    Luke Goschnick
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    Andrew McEwan
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    Peter Dupuy
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    thomas Thomas
  • Ordered some gear last week, couldnt find it locally, they had it in stock and was delivered 2 days later. Great service.

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    Chris Rogers
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    Cassidy Wilson Music
  • Great products and does awesome work.

    Eric Sprott Avatar
    Eric Sprott
  • Great service and communication from Richard and the team. Very happy customer, and one that will return for all my GPS needs.

    Last Drinks Avatar
    Last Drinks
  • Quality installation and workmanship, would recommend to all looking to have electronics fitted in their boats.

    N Muzz Avatar
    N Muzz
  • Richard was such a great help in getting my new furuno 295 up and runningThanks mateCheers Clint

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    Clint Holden
  • Richard gives no nonsense advice based on your needs and budget. Experience with the products they sell and excellent sales support shows a desire to look after their customers. I would recommend Richard and QME.

    Michelle Harris Avatar
    Michelle Harris
  • Good bloke, great advise and work which is second to non...

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