CZone Contact 6 Plus


The Contact 6 is a digital control module that can be networked with other CZone products or stand alone.


CZone Contact 6 Plus

CZone  Contact 6+ Utilising proven digital switching technology and is a robust and affordable digital switching solution.

Featuring 6x 15A solid state ignition protected fused outputs with circuit bypass for system redundancy.

The Contact 6 Plus can be networked into an existing system

and can be installed stand alone with Waterproof Keypads or compatible Multi-Function Displays.


• Affordable digital switching solution,
• Plug and play out of the box configurations,
• PWM circuit dimming,
• Equipped with advanced core CZone feature set like timers and modes and
• ABYC compliant ignition protected internal fuse panel with mechanical circuit



C-Zone Contact 6+ with Seal and Plug



Purchase to install on your own or better yet why not contact us at QME to install it for you correctly, the first time.


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6+ with connector and seal, 6+ with Seals and Plug