Deep Drop Fishing and Downrigging Winch


  • Deep Drop Fishing and Heavy Down-Rigging with Confidence
  • Huge Line Capacity
  • Quiet Operation
  • Digital Line Counter
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Built for Life

Deep Drop Fishing and Downrigging Winch

Introducing Lone Star Marine’s DDW-250 Deep Drop and Down-Rigging Winch.

Do you want to pull up the biggest fish from 300, 400, 500 meters or more?

Ever mark up the big boys at 200m down but they wont come up for a bait?

Tired of hauling bricks out for swordfish?

Are you disappointed in the performance of your electric reels?

Then get down to where the fish are with confidence and start bringing Goliath’s back to the ramp with the DDW-250 Deep Drop and Down-Rigging Winch from Lone Star Marine.

The All New DDW-250 is packed with features:
  • 316 Stainless Steel & Marine Grade 6061 T6 Marine Grade Anodised Aluminium Construction
  • Solid 38mm Drive shafts suitable for extended heavy loads
  • Brush-less drive with Variable Speed control
  • Italian Made Transmissions
  • Specialised for Deep Drop Fishing & Heavy Down-rigging
  • Digital Line Counter can be set to meters, feet, or fathoms (AU preset to meters)
  • Line proximity alarm
  • Changeable throat depth on spool for Mono or Braided lines
  • Braid Capacity 2000m x 200lb braid (with spool spacer)
  • Mono Capacity 700m x 300lb mono (without spool spacer)
  • Up to 110m (375ft) per minute retrieval speed (12v)
  • Up to 200m (680ft) per minute retrieval speed (24v)
  • Very high efficiency, as little as 10 amps under light load
  • Long Duty Cycle
  • Smooth Powerful 2 stage drag can be set from very light to over 100KG
  • No Drag side-load at higher settings
  • Fully Sealed for very low maintenance
  • No Cam adjustment
  • 12 or 24v operation
  • No High Pitched reel noise
  • 4 position gimbal mount
  • Remove and store Boom when not in use
Combo Kit Includes: 
  • Complete Deep Drop Winch
  • Rod Holder Mount
  • 50 Amp MP Circuit Breaker
  • Power plug + 5m twin core power lead (no Anderson plugs)
  • 4 battery lugs & heatshrink
  • Fibreglass Boom (DDW-250FG Combo) 316 Stainless Steel Boom (DDW-250SS Combo)
  • LSM Closed Sheave with SS bearings
  • Bearing oil
  • Cal’s drag grease

This is a complete and ready-to-fish deep drop or down-rig winch, all you need to do is supply line.

Available Options:

  • Fibreglass booms are made for reducing shock loads in swell or with larger fish. These booms are not made for bite detection with smaller fish; its not their purpose. They will load up on larger fish. Intended for use with larger 4-8kg weights.
  • Stainless Steel Boom Options are preferred by many commercial fishermen. They are also the better option when using the DDW as a down-rigger.

*Check local regulations before purchasing this unit. The DDW-250 is completely legal for recreational use as a down-rigger in all Australian states. It is also legal for recreational use as a fishing winch in all states except Victoria. It MAY be legal for Victoria as all criteria are met on paper, but to date Lone Star Marine have not received clarification or confirmation from DPI on this. 


3 Years recreational, 1 Year Commercial Warranty

Wiring Diagram included on purchase for self installation or better yet, why not contact us at QME to install it for you correctly, the first time.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm
Boom Options

FibreGlass, Stainless Steel