Dometic Seastar Front Helm 1.7

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Nothing gets you closer to power steering than a Dometic Seastar Front Helm 1.7

Dometic Seastar Front Helm 1.7

Nothing gets you closer to power steering!

The Dometic SeaStar® Helm Pump is an axial piston pump specifically designed for manual steering. Every load bearing point within the helm pump runs on either a roller or ball bearing race for super low friction, smooth, positive steering. It has a built-in lock valve to prevent the steering load from feeding back to the driver. The lock valve will not allow the rudder or drive unit to move until you apply load by turning the steering wheel. The lock valve section of the helm also includes a relief valve. This relief valve provides over pressure protection for mechanical components, hydraulic hoses and fittings.

• Satin black baked enamel finish over anodising
• Maximum steering wheel diameter is 660mm
• Can be retro-fitted into old Dometic SeaStar® 115mm hole cut out (use 291908 mounting kit)
• Small 76mm hole cut out in dash
• Available in five capacities
• 291503 Commercial helm pump designed with heavy duty shaft seal and wiper
• Convenient front of dash fill
• Complete with 2 elbow fittings, 2 nuts and olives