Furuno B260 Transducer

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Furuno B260 Transducer bronze thru-hull broadband fish finder transducer with temperature sensor.

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Furuno B260 Transducer

The Furuno B260 (526TID-HDD) 1kW  Transducer with Fairing Block is a bronze thru-hull broadband fish-finder transducer with temperature sensor.

Includes external fairing that can be cut to match a hull deadrise angle of up to 20 degrees.

Its construction utilizes separate 50 kHz and 200 kHz elements for unmatched deep-water performance and bottom and water-column detail.

And what’s more its narrow beam gives crisp image detail especially suited for fishing shelves, intricate bottom structures, and wrecks.

It also features a Broadband Ceramic Technology which gives crystal clear image detail and resolution.

Also distinguishes individual fish targets and fish tight to the bottom.

This transducer is ideal for sport fishing boats above 8m (26′) and small to mid size commercial fishing boats.

 Bronze Thru-hull Transducer Features:

  • Furuno model number: 526TID-HDD
  • Airmar B260 Housing Style Transducer
  • 1 kW
  • 10 pin Plug
  • Dual-frequency element:
    • 50 kHz with a 19° beam width for depth performance to 762 m (2,500′)
    • 200 kHz with a 6° beam width for depth performance to 294 m (1,000′)
  • Available with a diplexer for single-transmission-line fish finders and without a diplexer for dual-transmission-line fish finders
  • Bronze-stem housing with high-performance fairing for optimal performance at speed
  • Also available in transom (TM260), in-hull (M260), and stainless steel (SS260) versions
  • Exclusive Xducer ID® technology


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