Optimus Adaptive Standard Trim Tab Kit 12X12



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Optimus Adaptive Standard Trim Tab Kit 12X12

Improve your safety and comfort on the water with the
Optimus Joystick and Electronic Power Steering system.
Providing position feedback and complete integration with
the on board shift and throttle, you can quickly and
efficiently get the boat on plane for an optimum ride.
Automatic features and an intuitive dial controller with
one-touch buttons make the system easy to use. While the
robust, all electric design ensures reliability in a harsh
marine environment.

Dial Controller:

  1. Bow Down Button – quickly move port and starboard tabs to desired position
    2.  Power Indicator – indicates there is power to the system. LED will indicate if there is an error
    3. Favourite Button – hold for 3 seconds to save desired tab position
    4. Auto Brightness – will sense ambient light & adjust brightness
    5 .Performance Technology – LED’s indicate position of Trim Tabs
    6. Home Button – quickly move both tabs to the home position
    7. Intuitive Technology – turn smart dial to quickly level your boat
    8. Bow Up Button – quickly move port and starboard tabs to
    desired position


1. Sealed and potted wiring
2. High torque DC motor
3. Rugged & stylish housing, simple 2 piece design minimises possible water ingress points
4. Planetary gearbox provides ultra efficient and reliable high load transfer and quiet operation.
5. Dual housing seals to prevent leakage
6. Free wheeling ball screw technology
7. Rear seal in protected bushing area
8. Wiper removes particles from shaft and protects rear seal


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 36 cm