TefGel Corrosion Eliminating Gel


Tef-Gel™ is a specifically formulated Teflon® based gel that is one of the most unique and versatile products available!

TefGel Corrosion Eliminating Gel

Tef-Gel is a white, extremely high viscosity gel. Apply the gel to fastenings, fittings and electrical connectors in high corrosive environments to ensure protection, serviceability & presentation of assembled hardware.

Tef-Gel™ is more or less four products in one and has been designed to:

  • Stop corrosion between dissimilar metals;
  • Galling of stainless steel;
  • Act as an assembly lubricant (anti seize) for ease of maintenance; and
  • Protect electrical connectors from corrosion.

Other key features that make TefGel unique are:

  • Non Toxic and Non Harmful to Marine and Land Based ecosystems, and of course to us;
  • Non-reactive and chemically stable;
  • Has an Indefinite shelf life and working life;
  • Plus the added benefit of working temperatures of -60° to 280°C without changing viscosity.

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Available in Tubes 10g and 30g.

QME won’t leave you high or dry.

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10g, 30g