FCV800 and GP1971F combo

FCV800 and GP1971F combo

With your choice of either P66 or TM165HW or a TM260 transducer

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FCV800 and GP1971F combo

Furuno FCV 800 Color LCD Sounder

Boost your catch with TruEcho CHIRP™, Furuno’s revolutionary broadband, combining multi-frequency features utilizing multiple transducers!

The FCV 800 combines the power of TruEcho CHIRP™ with a host of revolutionary identification technologies to clearly distinguish fish from other structures, such as the seabed or reefs. Additionally, it allows you to use TruEcho CHIRP™ and CW technologies, such as bottom discrimination and ACCU-FISH™, together for added capabilities.


  • (600 W)520-5PSD, 520-5MSD, 520-PLD, 525-5PWD, 525STID-PWD, 525STID-MSD, 525T-PWD, 525T-BSD, 525T-LTD/12, 525T-LTD/20, SS60-SLTD/12, SS60-SLTD/20
  •  (1 kW)50B-6, 50B-6B, 50/200-1T, 200B-5S, 526TID-HDD


(Single Frequency: 1 kW)B175L, B175M, TM185M, B285M, B175H, B175HW, TM185HW, B285HW

(Single Frequency: 600 W)B75H, B75M, B785M, SS75H, SS75M,TM165HW

(Dual Frequency: 1 kW)B265LH, TM265LH, CM265LH, B265LM, TM265LM, CM2265LM, B275LHW , TM275LHW, CM275LHW


Furuno GP 1971F Chartplotter Combo

The Furuno GP-1971F Combo features a 9″ sunlight readable, edge to edge seamless glass and pinch to zoom touch screen display. This ChartPlotter comes built-in with Furuno’s TruEcho CHIRP Fish Finder for a high level of detail. Also includes Furuno’s RezBoost data processing technology showing fish schools and echoes with high resolution. Thanks to ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination functions you can access fish size and bottom composition. The clear presentation marks individual game fish and bait fish, even when tightly schooled together.

Slide-out menus are a key feature of the Furuno GP1971F containing all the tools and data you need to be in total control. Additionally, customize your display modes and create the perfect combination to fit your individual needs. Using the touch screen, tap the display so you can easily capture a screenshot and save it direct to your MicroSD Card.

ChartPlotter compatible with C-Map 4D charts with plenty of features considerably enhancing your navigational awareness. View your location in Satellite, 3D or Shaded relief mode. When connected to an AIS receiver, the GP-1871F/1971F will display the latest AIS data and provide vessel information.

Connect a NAVpilot-300 or NAVpilot-711C to your GP-1971F and control directly from the Chart Plotter.

Compatible with a range of 300W, 600w and 1Kw Traditional/CW Transducers. Or better yet connect to the DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar (output power 4kW) giving your ChartPlotter a major upgrade in accuracy and safety.


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Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 37 × 25 cm

P66, TM165HW, TM260