Garmin EchoMap Ultra 105sv Combo

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Garmin EchoMap™ Ultra 105sv Combo features CHIRP Imaging on a 10″ Display and comes with a new GT56UHD-TM Transducer to deliver fantastic target separation.


Garmin EchoMap Ultra 105sv Combo

Garmin EchoMap™ Ultra 105sv Combo Now with the new GT56UHD-TM, Xdcr, 12pin or GT54UHD-TM Transducer which are all the tools you need for a successful fishing venture.

The included GT56 transducer provides Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars with 20% greater range and three frequencies for top performance at all depths.

The EchoMap™ Ultra 105sv features a bright, sunlight readable 10″ keyed-assist touchscreen display. Including built-in support for the full line of Panoptix™ sonars and the Panoptix LiveScope™ scanning sonar system. Including Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 sonar (no black boxes required).

Share sonar, waypoints and routes with other EchoMap Ultra 10″ and 10″ units as well as EchoMap Plus 7″ and 9″ marine electronics units.

Instantly create personalised fishing maps on-screen with a 1′ contour as you fish. Tailor them to fit your needs and keep the data to yourself. Of course, you could share it with the Quickdraw Community on Garmin Connect™, our online community.


Finally have peace of mind when your off the water by simply removing your EchoMap Plus from the power and mount. You don’t have to mess with plugging and unplugging wires from the unit because the cords plug directly into the mount.

Get Ultra High-Definition SideVü scanning sonar with 20% greater range at 1000 kHz (up to 500’ on each side of your boat), Ultra High-Definition ClearVü scanning sonar and amazingly clear high wide CHIRP traditional sonar
Three scanning sonar frequencies —455 kHz, 800 kHz and 1000 kHz —and 500 watts of power deliver top performances at all depths
High Wide CHIRP for crisp, clear sonar with excellent fish arches and target separation
Vivid scanning sonar colour palettes make it easy to distinguish targets and structure
Easy to install with transom and trolling motor mounts

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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 43 × 30 × 23 cm
Transducer Bundle