Furuno FCV 800 Color Lcd Sounder

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■ Heave Correction with SCX20 or SCX21
■ Wirelessly connect to a 2nd display or your iOS iBoat app.

■ 2 transducer ports included in FCV800
■ Simultaneous connection of dual freq. pulse & single band MF or HF CHIRP transducers


Furuno FCV 800 Color LCD Sounder

Boost your catch with TruEcho CHIRP™, Furuno’s revolutionary broadband, combining multi-frequency features utilizing multiple transducers!

The FCV 800 combines the power of TruEcho CHIRP™ with a host of revolutionary identification technologies to clearly distinguish fish from other structures, such as the seabed or reefs. Additionally, it allows you to use TruEcho CHIRP™ and CW technologies, such as bottom discrimination and ACCU-FISH™, together for added capabilities.


  • (600 W)520-5PSD, 520-5MSD, 520-PLD, 525-5PWD, 525STID-PWD, 525STID-MSD, 525T-PWD, 525T-BSD, 525T-LTD/12, 525T-LTD/20, SS60-SLTD/12, SS60-SLTD/20
  •  (1 kW)50B-6, 50B-6B, 50/200-1T, 200B-5S, 526TID-HDD


(Single Frequency: 1 kW)B175L, B175M, TM185M, B285M, B175H, B175HW, TM185HW, B285HW

(Single Frequency: 600 W)B75H, B75M, B785M, SS75H, SS75M,TM165HW

(Dual Frequency: 1 kW)B265LH, TM265LH, CM265LH, B265LM, TM265LM, CM2265LM, B275LHW , TM275LHW, CM275LHW


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Dimensions 38 × 37 × 25 cm