Furuno TZT3 9 Transducer combo


Furuno TZT3 9 Transducer combo. Buy 1 x TZT3 9 inch & select free 1kW TM260, TM185HW OR TM185M transducer


Furuno TZT3 9 Transducer combo

Furuno NavNet TZT3 9″

Furuno NavNet TZT3 9″ MFD range is the most powerful Furuno MFD ever made.

AUM005-MAP WIDE C-Map Vector charts, 3D Data, Sat Pictures – Australia

Hi Resolution Relief Charts can also be purchased as a separate option.


The TM260 comes with a rugged stainless-steel mounting bracket that is easy to install and has a streamlined shape. The performance of Airmar’s “1 kW, 260 family” of transducers is legendary. The combination of power and sensitivity has made this the high-performing transducer of choice with conventional fishfinders.  Operating at 50 and 200 kHz, the narrow, 6° beam at 200 kHz provides excellent target resolution and crisp images of fish holding tight to wrecks and reefs. The 50 kHz is excellent at deep-water detection, and the wide, 19° beam yields broad coverage under the boat.


Get more coverage under your boat with Airmar’s unique, wide-beam, high-frequency, Chirp-ready TM185HW. The high-frequency band operates across a range of 150 to 250 kHz and has a fixed 25° beam. The high-frequency band yields superior shallow-water performance, bottom detail, and fish-target separation. The constantly wide beam provides twice the coverage for detecting fish in the upper-water column and clear fish arches on the display compared to most high-frequency, narrow-beam transducers. The high wide is the ideal choice for both inshore and pelagic fishing, where resolution and maximum coverage are essential down to 152 m (500′).



Airmar’s TM185M is a transom-mounted, Chirp-ready transducer designed for offshore fishing and freshwater anglers spending their time in shallow to mid-range depths. The medium frequency delivers the right combination of coverage under the boat, extended depth range, and the ability to produce clean and accurate target and structure returns in mid to deeper water. Medium frequency also provides excellent shallow to mid-depth performance, bottom detail, and fish-target separation. Operating at a frequency range of 85 to 135 kHz, this transducer reveals fish at medium depths down to 457 m (1500′) and gives ultra-clear target resolution.


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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm
Transducer Model

TM260, TM185M, TM185HW