Life Cell Trailerboat 2 to 4 Person


Marine safety Floatation Device for Cabin & Galley. Light weight floatation device.Easy Detachable.


Life Cell Trailerboat 2 to 4 Person

Life Cell Trailerboat 2-4 Person is a device designed to reduce the amount of lives lost at sea.
Therefore by ensuring all safety equipment is contained in one place when abandonment is the only option.
Life Cell Trailerboat 2-4 Person is made from closed cell PU foam and constructed from UV resistant flame retardant polyethylene (PE).
Easily detectable PE mount bracket Supplied.
In short the Life Cell Trailerboat 2-4 Person is designed to automatically float from the bracket in the event of being submerged.
Unlike grab bags, Life Cells for instance floats acting as a secure hand hold keeping all crew together and under stable platforms to assist in the deployment of flares and other safety equipment.

Life Cell Trailerboat 2-4 Person fit KTI, McMurdo/Kannad and GME EPIRB.

The EPIRB is mounted externally on the side of the Life Cell, therefore internal compartment will fit all mandatory safety equipment, which can be purchased separately.


  • Lightweight flotation device,
  • High Visibility,
  • fire, impact, and UV resistant,
  • two year warranty,
  • No expensive servicing required,
  • easy grip handles,
  • easy detaches from bracket and
  • floats off bracket if submerged


  • Designed specifically to suit the extra flare requirements of WA and VIC
  • Takes parachute flares for WA and VIC offshore kits
  • Trailer Boat
  • No. of Persons: 2-4
  • Dimensions:
    • External: 400(D) x 420(L) x 170(W) mm
    • Internal: 100(D) x 200(L) x 270(W) mm

The Life Cell is the smallest therefore designed to fit on smaller boats and can be used in inland or offshore waters.

Thus the mounting bracket is also included but safety equipment can be purchased separately in stainless steel.


QME are Proud to be an Authorised BLA Stockist and Installer.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 44 × 20 × 42 cm