Manson Anchors Supreme Anchor SHHP Galvanised



Manson Anchors Supreme Anchor SHHP Galvanised


• Conforms to most common bow roller designs and self-launches.
• Rollbar ensures anchor rolls itself to adopt the correct setting position.
• Twin slots on the fixed shank enable use in all seabeds. If using the rockslot, (long slot) the shackle can slide forward and lift the anchor out forward if it becomes fouled.
• High tensile steel shank made from 800mpa steel – 25% stronger than any other anchor.
• Sharp spearhead assists anchor to pierce the toughest seafloors, ensuring greater penetration.
• Lateral flaps enable the anchor to set immediately.
• Reinforced double-skinned laminated nose, strengthens the forward section where most loading is concentrated.
• Certified to Lloyd’s Register as a Super High Holding Power (SHHP) anchor.
• Available in galvanised or highly polished stainless steel.

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