Stern Saver Original Mini


First ever glue-on Transducer Mounting System, never drill holes below the waterline again!

Stern Saver cracked the code on bonding polyethylene or King StarBoard to fiberglass and aluminum boats. Now you can mount transducers and other accessories without putting damaging holes in your boat.

Why Stern Saver?

Because water infiltration and “transom rot” can occur from holes in your boat below the waterline. The Stern Saver gives you peace of mind that your boat will not have leaks due to unnecessary holes drilled into the stern to mount transducers and other accessories.

The Stern Saver is the world’s trusted and durable transducer mounting system

It allows for unlimited adjustment and fine tuning of your sonar placement on your transom without drilling a single hole in your transom. The Stern Saver can be drilled and re-drilled in case you don’t find the “sweet spot” the first time or change brands of sonar down the road. Improve resale value of your boat without all the damage caused by drilling holes in your boat transom.

Fabricated from King StarBoard, the toughest most durable marine grade plastic available, not injection molded plastic, so it will last the lifetime of your boat. The installation kit includes the strongest marine-grade adhesive for a reliable bond to aluminum and fiberglass boats.

Easy Installation

Easy to install in ten minutes or less, requires no tools and includes everything you need to install it.

  1. Prep area and Stick on Mounting Spike;
  2. Dispense glue into the Stern Saver;
  3. Stick it on your Boat;
  4. Mount Transducer or other accessories.

The Original Mini is available at Quality Marine Electronics Australia in Black and White.

Dimensions: 88.9mm  x 63.5mm x 19.05mm

QME won’t leave you high and dry.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 19 × 6.7 × 4.3 cm

White, Black