600W Transducer Collar Spacer QME02


A high performance through Hull 600W Transducer Collar Spacer QME02 compatible with all Airmar 600w Tilted Element Chirp Transducers.

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600W Transducer Collar Spacer QME02

600W Transducer Collar Spacer to suit the following Airmar CHIRP-Ready Transducers: SS75 & B75.

After listening to the requirements of our customers Quality Marine Electronics have developed what is leading the industry in Transducer performance. A small fairing spacer fitted directly onto the Transducer. And let us tell you the results are outstanding.

Read what Sean had to say after we fitted some collars to his boat:

“I have a Simrad system that hasn’t worked properly since day 1. I was concerned about the transducer placement as the possible cause for the interference on the sounder. After finding Richard and chatting to him he was immediately confident of solving my problem. Richard suggested we fit the small fairing spacer on the transducer.

Well all I can say is the result was outstanding! I went from marking bait at a max of 5 knots to seeing bait and marking I suspect a marlin at 18 knots. The screen ran clear even at 25 knots marking the bottom perfectly.

I would fully recommend Richard and QME for sorting out any marine electronics problems or doing a full install of your system. The best part was the price was very reasonable for the work that was undertaken.

Thanks again Richard.”

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 cm