Victron Orion Tr Smart 12 12 9 amp


Victron Orion-TR smart 9-amp, 12 to 12-volt DC-DC isolated battery charger fully programmable with BlueTooth interface and free Victron Connect app.

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Victron Orion Tr Smart 12 12 9 amp

  • The Orion DC-DC charger is used in dual battery systems and is suitable for charging both lead acid and lithium batteries in high temperatures [upto 55° C with full rated output upto 40° C]Designed to be used as a power supply or a battery charger, the Orion charger, with adaptive three stage charging will safeguard the long-term health of your batteries while delivering a controlled charge that ensures a 100% charge is reached. The Victron Orion charger is ‘Smart Alternator Compatible’ and in addition can be set to supply power only when the engine is running, thanks to the unique inbuilt engine shutdown detection feature.Other features include:
    • Bluetooth Smart Enabled
    • Fully Programable
    • Input Voltage Lock-out
    • Remote on-off
    • Short Circuit Proof
    • High Temperature Protection


Stage One – Bulk or Boost – As much current as possible is delivered in order to rapidly recharge the batteries to about 80%.

Stage Two – Absorption – When the battery reaches its final charging voltage, known as its absorption voltage the charge allows the current to taper off as the battery nears a full charge.

Stage Three – Float – At this stage float voltage is applied which is enough to retain a full charge but controlled to prevent overcharging.

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