Zipwake KB300S Kit

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Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System

Now available with four unique interceptr types to provide maximum installation flexibility across a range of hull shapes and sizes.

The Dynamic Trim-Control System that is revolutionizing the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions. A Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting interceptr.


Zipwake KB300S Kit

Zipwake Series S, the world’s first inexpensive dynamic trim-control system, incorporates a state-of-the-art family of durable, fast-acting.

The system is fully automatic. It significantly enhances the boat’s performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway.

A Kit Box includes all parts needed to install a Dynamic Trim Control System with one pair of fast-acting Tabs.

  • 1 x Control Panel with Standard Cable 7m
  • 1 x Distribution Unit with Power Cable 4m
  • 1 x Servo Unit
  • 1 x Extension Cable 1.5m
  • 2 x Plate tabs with Cable 3m & Cable covers.


  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.
  • Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.
  • Built-in quality, simplicity and easy expansion, yet still affordable.

Smart Ride Controller:

Zipwake’s unique 3D controls provide the driver with user-friendly, intuitive and precise control of running trim, heel or heading that is unmatched.

Integral, high- frequency GPS, 3D gyro sensors and a robust motion controller all come as standard along with a sunlight readable colour display.

Push the AUTO BUTTON – and GO!
The system automatically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll dynamically. It also minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel.


  • Fully automatic: Dynamic pitch and roll control / Steering enhancement
  • Built-in GPS and motion sensors
  • Unique and intuitive 3D controls
  • Sunlight readable colour display
  • Instant state user feedback
  • Auto power on/off via ignition key sense
  • Full range of electrical interfaces
  • NMEA 2000
  • Waterproof
  • Auto dimming/night mode
  • Upgradable via USB stick
  • Up to four control panels in the system
  • Surface or flush mount


  • I-BUS IN (CAN bus)
  • I-BUS OUT (CAN bus)
  • NMEA 2000
  • External GPS (NMEA 0183 / RS232 auto baud-rate sensing)
  • Key Sense
  • USB Device Port (Type A)
  • USB Host Port (Type B)

Distribution Unit:

The Distribution Unit supplies the system with power and can accommodate up to six Series S Tabs. The unit is connected to the main control panel.

It is robust, waterproof, oil resistant and ignition protected for mounting in an engine room. The power cable is included for easy connection to a battery.

The distribution unit has built-in electrical protection, including its own protection fuse.


  • Six Tab connections
  • I-BUS OUT (power and CAN bus to control panels)
  • 2-lead power cable

Servo Unit:

The Series S submersible electrical Servo Unit fits inside the Tab, where it drives with precision the mechanism that provides linear motion to the  blades. Fast-acting, durable, calibration free and easy to install or replace. It comes with a rugged 3m cable with self-sealing thru-hull fitting.


A Standard Cable is used to connect the main control panel to the distribution unit, usually located on or near the transom. This cable is also used to connect the main panel to the next panel, e.g. the flybridge.

Cable Cover:

Thru-hull cable fitting of Series S  can either be concealed  or positioned above the waterline.

Series S incorporates a state-of-the-art durable & fast-acting. This first-ever modular design that makes the interceptors durable, affordable and perfectly adapted to any planning or semi-planning boat between 6m and 18m (20-60ft). All components have been meticulously engineered to withstand impact and avoid water ingress, minimizing the risk of costly maintenance and downtime.

Blade actuation takes place by way of a calibration-free submersible electric servo within the interceptor unit. Its natural water cooling provides excellent working conditions for the brushless DC servo motor, which runs on 12-32 volts. The blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, as a result outperforming conventional trim tabs by at least a factor of 5.


Installation is made easy with an integral mounting plate and the option of a concealed or above-waterline, self-sealing, thru-hull cable fitting.

Preferred mounting option is achieved by simply routing the servo cable differently. Each interceptor comes with the thru-hull cable fitting, cable covers and a practical drill template.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 20 cm