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Transducer Selection

Transducer selection is without a doubt a question i get asked at least a dozen times a week.

My response is normally, what depth do you fish? what is your target species?
where do you see your electronics package down the track?
I work on the 75% rule, if you fish 3/4 of your trips under 80m why spend $2k on a 2kw transducer when a $400 600w will do it with ease.
Another common misconseption is a 1kw transducer will read better at speed than a 600w, gaps in the bottom layer of picture is air, clutter on screen is noise either introduced by electrical or mechanical interference.
Where to mount it for best reading? Unfortunately what works on one boat may not work on the next. I recently was involved in a fitup to a brand new hull that had seen the transom mount transducer screwed on 4 diffrent positions by the dealer, all positions worked on same hull in different length variations.
Working with our local boat building industry and many passionate boat owners i get to see more working setups than ones that don’t, the ones that don’t is where QME leads the way in custom inhull and transom mount transducer fairings.
If you chasing advice on getting performance at speed drop us a line or give us a call about visiting our showroom and Marine Electronics Installation centre at Brendale.
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