DFF3-UHD High Power


DFF3-UHD High Power TruEcho CHIRP and multi freq

Go deeper with more power than you thought was possible and have Plenty of power and wide frequency range to Go Deep!

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DFF3-UHD High Power

Go deeper with more power than you thought was possible

The DFF3-UHD High-Powered TruEcho CHIRP Fish Finder delivers the ability to see fish and bottom structure deeper and clearer than ever before. Furuno’s superior digital signal processing interprets the echoes from fish and underwater structures with unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and resolution at unprecedented depths – we’re talking depths down to 15,000 feet! Capable of transmitting across Low, Medium, and High CHIRP ranges, its high power output translates directly into greater resolution and depth capability than a comparably powered standard Fish Finder.

Plenty of power and wide frequency range to Go Deep!

The DFF3-UHD provides an incredible 2kW or 3kW of power to a compatible broadband transducer, transmitting across a spectrum of frequencies to ensure that the echo returns on your display come back sharp and clear at every range. Gathering more and higher-quality data than traditional high-power CW Fish Finders, the DFF3-UHD provides significant advantages in signal clarity and target definition. This helps you find more of your target species, game fish and baitfish, even when they are tightly schooled together or near the seafloor. The DFF3-UHD transmits and receives pulses across a combination of Low, Medium, or High frequency ranges with each transmission, showing returns from bait balls and individual fish targets virtually anywhere in the water column.

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