Lone Star Marine GX2 Drum Winch



Lone Star Marine GX2 Drum Winch

Performance, reliability and raw power in a compact frame design,  the Lone Star Marine GX2 Drum Winch is the answer for most trailer boat fishermen. Thanks to the well oversized gearing and motor, this unit can easily be fitted to boats to 9m for saltwater use and much larger for freshwater applications.

How to choose a Drum Winch?

The best method of choosing a winch for your vessel is to correlate the desired amount, size of rope and chain for your needs, then choose the appropriate sized model based on drum size and capacity.

How not to choose a winch

Motor size. One company’s 500w motor is another company’s 1500w motor. “Motor Size”, whether stated ‘’spec’’ or physical longevity. Not all winch companies comply to IEC motor ratings to duty cycle. The ‘stated wattage’ may be to IEC spec, maximum properly rated motors such as LSM, motor output is only relevant in relation to the drum diameter and gearing, not boat length. LSM winches are held to International Standards so you can rest assured our drives are conservatively rated. All LSM winch models use well oversized drives per drum diameter, more power than you’ll ever need and are purpose built to pull the heaviest possible rope and chain per recommended boat size.


  • Huge 1000W motor
  • perfect for wet wells and deck mounts
  • Boats to 8m
  • Fast drop/retrieval rating
  • 6mm 316SS plate construction
  • Fully sealed motor and gearbox
  • 24 variable motor positions
  • 22kg approximate weight of unit

Winch Kit includes:

  • GX2 Winch,
  • 316 stainless steel backing plate,
  • 400amp solenoid,
  • circuit breaker,
  • switch panel, and
  • nuts and bolts.


Rope Combo Kit includes:

  • GX2 Winch Kit,
  • CR Deck Roller,
  • 316 Stainless Steel D-Shackle,
  • Chain Guard,
  • Anchor Swivel, and
  • Rope and Chain (See Rope Combo options below).


Combo Kit Options:

6mm Rope Combo  GX2 Combo with 6mm x 150m rope & 7m x 8mm SL chain (850 kg breaking strain)
 8mm Rope Combo  GX2 Combo with 8mm x 90m rope & 7m x 8mm SL chain (1350 kg breaking strain)
 10mm Rope Combo  GX2 Combo with 10mm x 70 rope & 7m x 8mm SL chain  (1900kg breaking strain)
 5mm Hi Spec Rope Combo  GX2 Combo with 5mm x 180m Hi Spec & chain kit + nylon topshot (2115 kg breaking strain)

Additional info:

Model: GX2 250MM Drum
Motor Size: 1000 Watts
Drop/ Retrieve: 46 Meters per minute
Max Pull(Empty Drum): 1377kg
Max Pull (Full Drum): 362kg
Recc. Max Working Load: 110kg
Rope/Chain Capacity: 90m x 8mm & 7m x 6mm
Boat Size: 5 – 8 Meters
Holding at anchor: 3.T


Purchase to install on your own or better yet why not contact us at QME to install it for you correctly, the first time

Additional information

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GX2 Winch Kit

GX2 Winch Kit, 6mm x 150m Rope Combo, 8mm x 90m Rope Combo, 10mm x 60m Rope Combo, 5mm x 180m Hi Spec Rope Combo